Unionville Village Conservancy

The Unionville Village Conservancy was incorporated in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization. The Mandate of the Unionville Village Conservancy (UVC) is to strengthen the sense of community in Unionville village; to preserve the quality of life in the village; and to conserve the heritage and natural elements of the village. By-laws were written and approved by the Board of Directors in 2010 and are available upon request.

The UVC is committed to the restoration of the Stiver Mill, operating the Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market and actively seeking grants for UVC operations.

The goal is to retain the Stiver Mill in the public realm and restore the Mill with respect as a valued heritage asset. UVC recognizes the Stiver Mill is integral to Unionville as expressed by the policies of the City of Markham and the local business associations of Unionville. UVC supports the cultural policies of the City of Markham by creating a destination that stimulates tourism. They support the sustainability aims of the community, as expressed by the Green Plan of the City of Markham, including supporting the evolution of walkable communities. UVC recognizes the desire of the community to support local food growers and suppliers. Plus, UVC incorporates an educational component, in recognition of the demand for life-long learning both local and from a tourism perspective.

The UVC meet approximately twice a year at the call of the Chair.  Members of the Unionville Village Conservancy Board of Directors include the following:

David Johnston – Architect & Co-founder2009-Present
Judi McIntyre – Secretary2009-Present
Lorne Smith – City Historian (Advisor)2009-Present
Unionville B.I.A. Executive Director2014-Present
Stanley Wu – Rotary Club of York2014-Present
Kimberley Kwan – Market Manager2018-Present
City advisors
Ward 3 Councillor Reid McAlpine (Chair)
Regional Councillor Don Hamilton (Past Chair)
Regan Hutcheson, Heritage Manager
Bob Stiver – Founder & Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market2009-2017
Jeanne Ker-Hornell – Founder & Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market2009-2016
Richard Talbot – Co-founder2009-2011
Mona Babin – Market financial advisor2009-2014
Helen Argiro – Markham Arts Council2011-2014
Bob Fleischacker – Secretary2013-2015
Eric Solomon. C.A. – Treasurer2009-2017
Carolina Moretti – Advisor2009-2018