Student Volunteers
The success of the Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market is largely due to the high school students that volunteer their time to help with set up, take down, and everything in between.  The students arrive at 8 am to start setting up tents.  There are up to 10 students each week who work the 9 hour day with enthusiasm. Many of the students each earn more than 100 hours Volunteer Community Service, rather than the 40 volunteer hours required for graduation.

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Senior Volunteers
The senior population in the Unionvilla campus are totally supportive of the Market, especially the Wyndham Gardens Association led by Mavis Collingwood, and have successfully aided in the applications for Federal and Municipal grants. In addition, both Bob Stiver and Jeanne Ker-Hornell have received many awards including the Mayor’s Hall of Fame Award for their voluntary services over the years.  Laurence Breckon, Marie Breckon, Charlene Busato, Eileen Stiver Chadwick and Doris Couperthwaite have been key volunteers over the years at the Market, helping supervise the student volunteers and ensuring everything runs smoothly.  Senior volunteers were essential to staffing the Farmers’ Wives Table.